The BP Oil Spill Recovery and Those Entitled to File Claims

Where the BP Oil Spill Recovery Stands

This April marked two years since the explosions aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig which caused nearly five million barrels of crude oil to leak into the Gulf of Mexico. Even though this oil spill was the worst in history—over nineteen times the amount of oil leaking into the waters than the Exxon Valdezz—the BP oil spill recovery has nonetheless been greater than what was hoped when the tragedy occurred. Many believed the oil spill would lead to a catastrophic collapse of the Gulf ecosystem which, thankfully, did not happen. Nonetheless, many individuals and businesses suffered greatly as a result of the oil spill with some businesses being forced to close their doors for good. The cleanup costs to property owners was huge, and those in the fishing and tourism industry were particularly hard-hit. Although the BP oil spill recovery is moving along, thankfully BP reached a negotiated settlement of nearly $8 billion dollars in February of 2012 to compensate the innocent victims of the spill.

Settlement Programs

There were three distinct settlements reached during the negotiations with the first program being set up for Economic and Property Damages claims. Many coastal residents suffered loss of business profits or loss of business growth as a direct result of the oil spill. Property owners were denied the use of their property during the aftermath of the spill and were forced to pay for cleanup as the sticky oil seeped into the land. Residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and Florida all felt a negative economic impact from an event they had no control over. Over $2 billion dollars was specifically allocated to the Seafood Industry which was most harmed following the oil spill.

Effects on Health

While the livelihood of Gulf residents was being impacted so too was their health in many cases. Residents found that the toxic fumes and sticky seepage of the chemical produced in the oil spill contaminated their air—an event that was worsened by the hurricane winds of the season. Crude oil is comprised of hundreds of toxic chemicals, some of them known to be extremely dangerous such as benzene and polycyclic hydrocarbons. These toxic chemicals seeped into the groundwater, contaminated drinking wells and were inhaled into the lungs of coastal residents.

The toxic fumes led to an increase in adverse health effects including greatly increased occurrences of upper respiratory infections, allergies and rashes, coughs and sore throats as well as headaches, nausea and dizziness. Those with asthma found their symptoms became increasingly worse as the fumes continued to drift inland. Even now, it is not clear what the long-term effects of these fumes may be. While exposure levels varied depending on age, health, diet, and the use of protective gear, both clean-up crews and individual residents may have had their health severely compromised by the BP oil spill.

We Want to Help You

Any individual with a valid medical, property or business claim related to the toxic oil spill will be covered under the negotiated settlements. The medical portion will cover both the initial public health program and twenty-one years of medical check-ups. The economic and property settlement program began paying claims on June 4, 2012. You do not have to navigate the claims process on your own. We are here to help and all you need do is call 1-225-381-8320 for a consultation with a highly qualified member of our legal team. We will advocate on your behalf, protecting your rights and ensuring your receive a fair settlement for your damages.