BP Spill Claims and Your Future

How BP Spill Claims Could Impact You

There are thousands of potential BP spill claims from individuals and businesses which had their financial future or health damaged either temporarily or irrevocably. These BP spill claims have already begun paying out for damages incurred with the Economic and Property Damages Settlement portion beginning on June 4, 2012. We have assembled a legal team with the most extensive levels of experience and knowledge possible relating to the BP oil spill which occurred in April of 2010.

In August of the same year class action suits were filed, and after a year of wrangling BP reached a settlement of almost $8 billion dollars in February of 2012. $2 billion of that is set aside specifically for the Seafood Industry with the rest being allocated for property damages, medical claims and a special settlement program for residents of Louisiana. By simply calling 1-225-381-8320, you can have help filing your claim under the court-supervised claim programs. Details can be overwhelming, but our professional, compassionate legal team will help you find the answers you need and get the financial compensation you deserve.

Ill-Effects to Resident’s Health

Because the oil spill occurred right before hurricane season, the toxic chemical fumes blew much further inland than expected. The fumes from oil are comprised of many harmful chemicals including benzene which pollutes the air to an extent it cannot be cleaned up for a considerable length of time.  Many Gulf residents who had asthma found their symptoms worsening after the oil spill while other suffered upper respiratory infections, chronic coughs, sore throats and headaches, rashes and allergies and even nausea and dizziness.

It is not yet known what the long-lasting health effects will be however all those Gulf coast residents who found their health damaged from the oil spill are entitled to compensation for medical expenses as well as twenty-one subsequent years of medical follow-up.  The sticky, toxic oil seeped into groundwater and drinking wells and many residents also suffered skin contact as well as inhalation. It has not yet been determined when the Medical Settlement Program will begin, however if you were a victim it’s a good idea to have your claim ready to go.

Economic and Property Damages

Residents of Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana and Texas suffered extensive damages to properties and businesses. Many businesses lost profits and lost the opportunity for normal business growth, while private properties had to undergo extensive clean-up efforts. Residents of those properties were unable to enjoy their property as usual, and are entitled to compensation for that. It is clear that the American regulatory system failed the citizens of the United States however the BP spill claims can help compensate those victims of the oil spill. Don’t wait to call our office—we can help and we want to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve and need. Don’t let your future be forever changed by this tragedy—call 1-225-381-8320 today.